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AI-Powered Tendering Platform

Brainial provides a SaaS solution for document analysis to help organizations to reduce the time, resources and money spent responding to tenders and to gain a higher success rate and profitability.

Document analysis for tendering

With this AI-based solution we automatically find and analyze the correct information in large quantities of documents and link it to a new document to be realized.

AI- driven tendering solution

Respond to more tenders as a result of saving time, money and resources. on the tendering process.

  • 1) saved hours
  • 2) increased quality of work
  • 3) learning effect of previous projects
  • 4) securing knowledge and experiences
  • 5) increased employee satisfaction

Product features

  • Discover tenders
  • Assess New Tender Document
  • Find Relevant Information Outside the Tender Documents
  • Start Responding to the Tender
  • Tender Governance
  • Brainial API

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See what the power of our AI-powered solution for document mining can do for your business. Enhance the performance and execution of the ever-increasing, common knowledge-intensive tasks enterprises are facing today. ‚Äč

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