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I’m excited to help companies provide data-driven solutions. This helps clients to create change that matters—transformation, enabled by the latest technology.

My on-the-job and entrepreneurship experience, combined with tech enthusiasm, has afforded me a well-rounded skill set. Over the years, I have helped various start-ups, scale-ups and organizations active in the maritime industry.

During my ten years’ experience as a digital maritime consultant, I am familiar with user web development, analytics, UX, as well as requirements gathering, market research, and forecasting for growth purposes. My goal has always been to help clients achieve long-term improvements and measurable, bottom-line results.

I grew up and worked on board of a ship, this resulted in the ability to see problems in the shipping industry as opportunities. In my free time I like to enjoy practicing sports, such as tennis, ballet and water sports and I love to travel and explore museums.

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Rosaline Pahud

Rosaline Pahud
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